Melania Trump Was Reportedly Shocked Vogue Put Beyonce On The Cover

New information from the leaked Melania Trump audiotapes shows that the first lady was reportedly shocked that Vogue put Beyonce on the cover.

Melania reportedly “appeared to express astonishment” over Anna Wintour’s decision, according to audio recorded by former adviser and close friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

“Anna [Wintour] gave the September issue of Vogue cover — complete, complete, complete, everything — to BeyoncĂ©,” Melania allegedly told Stephanie. “She hired Black photographer. And it’s the first Black photographer ever doing cover of Vogue,” she continued.

A rep for Melania spoke to NBC News and blasted Stephanie.

“Her narcissism knows no bounds, this woman is a fraud. These audio tapes are hand-picked about nonsense and presented with no context. Shame on her for this continued attempt at character assassination and shame on NBC for covering this gossip,” they said.

We’re not sure how many audio tapes Stephanie is keeping in the cut, but Melania must be worried.