Meghan James: I Believe In Cheating Respectfully!!

Former Basketball Wives star Meghan James has said that she believes in cheating “respectfully.”

“I believe in cheating respectfully,” she said.

Check out the clip below.

“So cheating respectfully to me is cheating where I don’t find out; is having control over your other women; is using condoms and not having babies. Cheat respectfully! Believe it or not, your man is cheating. But I’m not leaving my man over a one-night stand with a b*tch, period.”

She continued, “I’ll only leave my man for three things: you bring me home a STD, you have a baby on me or you gay. Everything else is work-outable for me. It’s levels. Don’t have no baby on me! I believe a guy can love you and cheat on you. I’m sorry, I believe it. Guys are built different than us.”


BBW Meghan James Drunk On Live.mp4 (; 1:06)

Is she right? Is there such a thing as cheating respectfully or is Meghan James tripping? Let us know in the comments section.