Megan Thee Stallion’s Gay Best Friend BREAKS UP w/ Her – ‘F*ck Her’!!

Megan Thee Stallion is not having the best year. Earlier this year, MTO News reported that Megan told police that she was allegedly shot by her then boyfriend, rapper Tory Lanez.

Now Meg The Stallion is having another messy breakup, this time with her gay best friend and stylist, EJ King.

It’s not clear what happened between the two, but there is definitely animosity. EJ told his fans:

If y’all followed me because I work with Megan, I think this is where the road ends. If y’all not gon’ be here anymore then I get it. No hard feelings… The ride with Megan was fun. I think we did a lot of great things in a short time. No love lost. 

But then he went on talking about how he doesn’t support her, and said ‘f*ck her.”

EJ began his work in visual arts nearly 20 years ago. According to his bio on his website, his journey in Hollywood began with him working as an extra on movie sets, including 2006’s Dreamgirls. 

From there, he expanded his resume as a hairstylist and makeup artist. His wardrobe styling career began with work on music videos and photo shoots – such as King Magazine.

King’s wardrobe styling career also includes him working on a consulting basis. One of his major styling consulting gigs was for Kelly Rowland. He’s also styled artists including T-Pain, Nelly, Ashanti, Courtney Love, Day 26, Melanie Fiona, Chris Brown, and Keyshia Cole.