Meet the Body-Positive Model That’s Showcasing Midsize Fashion on TikTok

I feel like I’ve talked about TikTok enough on here for you to know that I frequent the app more often than I should, but it’s hard to stay away when the fashion sector of it is as entertaining as it is. Right when I tell myself it’s time to get off, I find another cool girl showing off her fantastic style and I’m sucked in all over again. I’m not complaining, because, along the way, I found Raeann Langas, whose energy is sure to bring anyone joy. When it comes to fashion content, she does it all, from try-on hauls to styling videos, but a lot of her page is centered around the message of body positivity and feeling good in what you wear. Not only does she have a great fashion sense, but she also creates a space for girls to feel confident in their clothing, regardless of size and societal standards. 

To get more of her fashion insight, I decided to reach out and asked her a few things, ranging from her favorite size-inclusive brands to styling staples to what she expects to see more of in the fashion industry. Keep scrolling to find out what she had to say. 

On what’s needed in the fashion space for size inclusivity: “More sustainable options. I have seen other plus-size creators getting dragged on social media for shopping for items from fast-fashion retailers but the truth is that there are just not options for plus size women that are sustainable and on-trend. I would love to see more sustainable and fun brands for larger women.”

Her advice for WWW readers: “If you have the confidence, you can pull anything off and I mean anything! Wear what makes you feel your best. I think, often times, women dress for other people instead of themselves, and then they don’t feel comfortable or confident.”

Her Style Staples

“This one is new for me! I recently discovered I love wearing miniskirts with knee-high boots! A black miniskirt can be worn in so many ways!”

“Sometimes feeling good in your outfit is just wearing a pair of jeans that fit you super well. The Levi’s ribcage jeans are the most flattering jeans I have been able to find and they come in plus sizes as well!”

“A well-fitting leather jacket goes with everything and makes you feel like a total badass.”

Her Favorite Brands

“I like Reformation for its sustainability efforts, and also its stuff is just super cute and well-done. It carres many of its styles in extended sizes as well.”

“They have a great selection of on-trend pieces at an obtainable price point. I love that they also feature trendy items in the Curve range.”

Activewear doesn’t have to be boring. A matching set paired with a chic coat makes for the perfect athleisure look.

Just like the blazer version is a staple, a pair of leather pants should be added to your wardrobe as well. 

Instead of a plain tee, opt for a graphic one for a casual yet fun ensemble.

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