Matt Damon Is 'Thrilled' Over Pal George Clooney's Baby News – How Long Has He Known?

Matt Damon is happy his pal George Clooney is headed for first-time fatherhood, but he’s not too surprised – at least not anymore.

At a junket for his new film “The Great Wall” on Thursday, Matt told Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez that he’s “thrilled” his fellow superstar is expecting twins with wife Amal Clooney. However, it turns out Matt’s been in the know for some time.

“He told us a few months ago,” Matt said, adding that it’s now “weird to hear it as new news.”

“The Talk” reported the story first on Thursday, when co-host Julie Chen revealed that the couple’s babies are due in June.

“Everybody’s happy for both of them,” Matt continued. “They’re gonna be great parents, and those kids are incredibly lucky.”

When asked about George having said in the past that he had no plans for children or another marriage, Matt explained that no one is ever able to predetermine what their future holds.

“Life is like that. I think the older we all get, the less we start making definitive statements like that. You just don’t know about any of it,” he told Liz.

The 46-year-old said he applies that philosophy to his own life, too.

“I have a guess as to where I’ll be in 10 years, I have a hope where I’ll be, but nobody knows anything,” he added.

Matt also touched upon the timing of George and Amal’s big news, joking with Liz that it had already been a major topic of discussion during his “Great Wall” interviews.

“I’ve been talking about it a lot today,” he laughed.

“The Great Wall” hits theaters nationwide on Feb. 17. 

— Erin Biglow