Lupe Fiasco To Royce Da 5’9: Sometimes You Gotta Let Eminem Fight That Sh*t!!

Lupe Fiasco has a few choice words for his dear friend Royce Da 5’9 who has been getting into heated arguments with rappers on social media in defense of his longtime pal, Eminem.

Lupe thinks that Royce should let Eminem defend himself.

“You have no idea what I’ve been going through these past few days,” Roycetold Lupe about his Clubhouse drama.

Lupe was unsympathetic: “You do this sh*t to yourself, Royce. I told you not to frolic with these muthaf*ckas! You down there with random n*ggas talking sh*t about sh*t, Eminem getting you in trouble. You gotta play the back sometimes.”

Royce has gotten into verbal altercations with several rappers over Eminem, including Nick Cannon, Machine Gun Kelly and more recently, Benzino. Eminem usually remains quiet until he’s ready to drop new music, while Royce drags them on social media.


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 “Sometimes you gotta let Eminem fight that sh*t. F*ck these n*ggas, man. Pay them n*ggas no mind. They’re upset, in their feelings. F*ck ’em,” said Lupe.