Luke's Diner Has An Updated List Of Rules Because Of Course

It’s been years since Gilmore Girls fans have seen the inside of Luke’s Diner, a Stars Hollow staple.

Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

1. But thanks to the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we’ve been able to return and Luke’s is still the reliably comforting place it’s always been.

4. And you know it wouldn’t be a trip to Luke’s if Taylor Doose wasn’t in there complaining about something.

7. But there’s ~one~ thing that’s a little different. In addition to hanging his “No cell phones” sign that was always in the diner…

Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

9. If you look closely, it says: “No texting while ordering; No man buns! No taking pictures of food; No headphones; If I can hear your music through your headphones, WHY ARE YOU WEARING HEADPHONES?”

Also, because it’s 2016, lots of customers are always asking Luke what his Wi-Fi password is.

11. In classic Luke fashion, he keeps giving people the wrong password in hopes they’ll eventually give up.

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