Love Is in the Air (and in My Shopping Cart)—Here’s What’s on My V-Day Wish List

I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Love poems, aisles full of flowers, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes may sound cheesy to some, but I live for the idea of celebrating love and shamelessly indulging for a day. Relationship status aside, there are endless ways to spend V-Day, including but not limited to a picnic with friends, a scenic walk to grab coffee, and a cozy night in. This year, I’ll be using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to add some more clothes to my closet so I can celebrate in style (like I do with all holidays). Lilly Pulitzer launched a Valentine’s Day shop full of festive and feel-good pieces to fit any occasion. (I have my eyes on the Courtland Sweater.) If you need some inspo, keep scrolling for my top picks from Lilly Pulitzer and some fun plans to go with them.