Lizzo: Fat People Suffer From The Same ‘Systematic Oppression’ As Blacks!

Pop superstar Lizzo is making news this morning, after MTO News confirmed that she told her followers that overweight people (or “fat” people as she called them) suffer from systematic oppression, similar to Black people.

It all started when a Tik Tok user asked her followers: “Would you trade places with someone on the heavier side?”

Lizzo responded to the question publicly, MTO News learned. The beautiful pop singer brought up the famous experiment when Dr Jane Elliot, a sociologist, publicly asked a room full of White people “would you trade places with a black person?” No one raised their hand. 

According to Lizzo, the Tik Toker’s question was similar to Dr Elliot’s – and made a similar point,. Lizzo told fan sthat “no one would switch places with a fat person”. Lizzo explained further that both overweight people and Black people experience systemic oppression.

Here is Lizzo explaining things in her own words:

Lizzo Fat People Oppressed (; 0:58)