Live From New York, It’s the Coolest Outfits of the Summer

New York City is already considered to be one of the world’s most stylish cities, but I think it’s important to point out that its inhabitants are also especially masterful at seasonal dressing. After all, they (actually we) have to figure out how to tackle beyond-freezing temperatures in the winter, high heat and humidity in the summer, and even transitional dressing for those fleeting moments in spring and fall when the weather is just perfect—all while walking around a lot.

That’s why, when I see that my fellow New Yorkers are all wearing different versions of the same thing (or, in today’s case, things), I feel compelled to share them with all our readers because I know they must not only be forward in fashion but functional too. So what pieces are all over the streets of NYC this summer? Just keep scrolling to see the pieces apart of the coolest outfits of the season, and of course, shop them below.

Controversial, yes, but when you’re walking through the chaos that can be New York City, it’s all about comfort. Clogs just happen to be checking that box.

The endorsement of It brands and It girls everywhere tells me that, while they may be an acquired taste, thong sandals are definitely back in style and here to stay. Naturally, NYC girls seem to favor flat or low-heeled styles for walking around the city.

Like I said before, it’s all about comfort this season. Breezy sets are easy and cool, so there’s no surprise that the fashion set is opting for them in the heat. 

Shop the matching Linen-blend Pull-on Shorts ($18).

Gone are the day of short-shorts because the knee-hitting style has fully taken the fashion world by storm. From denim pairs to suit separates, bermuda shorts are the wardrobe staple worth incorporating into your summer looks. Just take notes from the New Yorkers below.

Suiting is a theme that doesn’t seem to leave the fashion scene, but comes and goes in different iterations. Currently, menswear inspired vests are the way to go.

Whether they dress them up or down, NYC girls have figured out that button-down shirts, especially white ones, are the perfect light layer for going anywhere and everywhere this season.

Initially when I thought of crochet it always reminded me of vacation and the west coast, but my fellow east coasters have been bringing the kitschy trend to the streets of New York as well. Come fall, I’m expecting to see the knit trend in full force.

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