Literally Just 32 Hilarious Tweets About “House Hunters”

Me: *panicking about everything I have to do this week*
Me to me: just keep watching House Hunters

— Emma Hornkohl (@emmahornkohl)

Watching House Hunters and once again wondering if it should be renamed Can We Save This Marriage? #HouseHunters #TalkToEachOther

— Eileen Dreyer (@eileendreyer)

These people on house hunters all like, “oh $890,000? Ugh, needs some work, but it’s got that marble I like, and it…

— 🌻 (@katalyst___)

People on House Hunters b like “Hi, I work in a surf shack & my husband plays in a mariachi band and our budget is 1.2m” 🙂

— Hannah Wilfong (@misshannahrenae)

I blame about 98% of my anger issues on people on House Hunters who pick the wrong fucking house

— Hannah Rogers (@hannahhrogers)

Thousands of years after humans are extinct, an alien stumbles upon an episode of House Hunters. “I am glad that you are dead”, he blorps.

— ollka crump (@dulcetry)

house hunters be like “I want a former kitchen, 79 bedrooms, 34 bathroom, 23,000 square feet and my budget is 12 dollars”

— jolly texting 5sos (@5saucetext)

Today on Househunters International, another clueless white couple search for bonus rooms & granite countertops in rural Nicaragua.

— Swede-ish (@BreakingBrados)

You innocently put on one episode of House Hunters and 14 episodes later, you realize what you have done to yourself.

— JC (@Patronhippie)

House hunters: its $300,000 over your budget but it has a microwave built into the kitchen island !!!!

— Kaitlin (@kaitlinkwlly)

“I don’t want hardwood in our bedroom, it’s not comfortable”


— sam (@slchub)

*Typical house hunters episode*
Husband: well I like the beach and to be next to water
Wife: well I’m allergic to water so

— Aaron Lira (@ajlira17)

When I think things might be rocky in my relationship I turn on House Hunters and then I feel better.

— Tired Working Mom (@WorkingMom86)

Every episode of House Hunters should begin with the narrator saying, “He wants move in-ready, she wants a project, and they BOTH want out!”

— bobby finger (@bobbyfinger)

Do you guys want to be the one to tell this woman on House Hunters her husband is screwing their male realtor, or should I?

— Glenn Loury 2.0 (@justabloodygame)

When you’re watching House Hunters and 3 is the CLEAR choice but they pick 2??????

— Sarah Brashear (@brashear_sarah)

*house hunters*

Buyer: my budget is $250k

Realtor: ok so it’s slightly over budget at 1 mil but look the shower door slides so fast wheeee

— Mischief Managed (@madyoreilly)

My mutant superpower is “being able to predict which couples are going to get divorced on “House Hunters”

— Ernest Wilkins (@ErnestWilkins)

When the couple chooses the wrong house on house hunters

— Kendal Schwahn (@KendalSchwahn)

house hunters couple: Wow, this place is within our budget and has everything we wanted.
house hunters couple: Pick…

— JuanPa (@jpbrammer)

Me watching house hunters international wishing I was 29 and married looking for a cottage in Salzburg

— Miss The Bus (@c0mic_sans)

People on House Hunters: I want 5 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, oceanfront views, and a small country.
Realtor: What’s yo…

— William Fong (@bubbafong)

*forgets to DVR House Hunters marathon*

— Jamie Logie (@RegainWellness)

As long as there’s House Hunters, you’ll never convince me things are “bad” in our country.

— daniel (@listenyoungman)

House Hunters should have interactive voting.
“Sorry, Brenda. You’re getting the house $40k over your budget with the awful bathrooms”

— Shawn Reynolds (@ShawnWTVM9)

House Hunters Intl: “we’re looking for our 4th summer home in Fiji with no less than 8 outdoor kitchens”

— Shawn Reynolds (@ShawnWTVM9)

“i didn’t realize it would be so expensive to get everything on my wishlist” — ancient house hunters proverb

— casey morell (@csymrl)

I want a vintage home but I want to make it look completely modern/open. 💁🏽‍♂️ #househunters

— Xanthus Stephanos (@iXantEven)

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