Literally Just 27 Hilarious Tweets About Corinne On Last Night's “Bachelor”

1. This valid question:

2. This truly inspirational poster:

3. This excellent theory:

4. This yearbook page that you want to believe is real:

5. When she was peak relatable:

6. This iconic truth:

When Kristina gets the rose



— Kelsey Betzold (@kelseybetzold)

7. When we were all trying to connect the dots:

Michael Jordan took naps, Abraham Lincoln took naps, but I get in trouble for taking a nap #Corinne #TheBachelor

— jess (@JesseDevenish)

8. This interesting discovery:

I just checked Corinne’s symptoms on webmd, and apparently she has Hay Fever. #TheBachelor

— Ian Wilkie (@_ianwilkie_)

9. Everything about this statement:

“I’m not privileged, in any way shape or form” – Corinne, 24 y/o with a nanny


— Sharon Strongjaw (@krut0on)

10. This incredible finding:

Our first look at #TheBachelor Corinne’s multi-million dollar company:

— Robert Rosenberg (@RobMRosenberg)

11. This valid question:

Corinne please DM me whatever spa you know that serves tacos #TheBachelor

— Vinny Guadagnino (@VINNYGUADAGNINO)

12. This classic conversation:

Raven: “I know what her vagina looks like.”
Corinne: “But was her vageen platinum?”

— Olivia Caridi (@OliviaCaridi)

13. When her priorities were on point:

Corinne is ready to confront Taylor as soon as she finishes inhaling all the Pizza rolls #priorities #thebachelor

— Amanda Stanton (@amandastantonnn)

14. This A+ dream:

“I just want to be in a spa being fed a taco” -your dreams are valid, Corinne #TheBachelor

— Laura Dreyfuss (@lauradreyfuss)

15. When Josephine made Raquel proud:

“Chew your food,” Josephine cautions Corinne.
“Thank GOD someone reminded her!” shouts Raquel the Nanny at home.

— Kate Coyne (@KatePeople)

16. This argument:

I’d like to disagree with Corinne. She HAS been fighting for a pickle. #TheBachelor

— Jared Freid (@jtrain56)

17. This truth:

10/10, would attend a TEDTalk given by Corinne about Napping. #TheBachelor

— Cassandra Claire ♠ (@CassaClaire)

18. This genius date plan:

Multi-million dollar date idea: Have Corinne run her “business” while the girls try to figure out how to slice her cucumbers. #TheBachelor

— Nick (@TheFakeBachelor)

19. This suggestion:

Taylor should charge Corinne $250 when this session is over #TheBachelor

— Jaclyn Swartz (@JaclynSwartz)

20. This tragic letdown:

Really upset that they didn’t hard cut to adult Corinne being bottlefed by Raquel after Nicks baby cow scene #wyatr #thebachelor @ArdenMyrin

— dan faughnder (@sleddingxtigers)

21. This campaign that we can all get behind:

Corinne needs to make it to home town dates just so we can meet her nanny #thebachelor

— megs🤙🏼 (@megangreiman)

22. When Corinne was all of us:

Corinne: “I’m gonna rip her a new one I’m so pissed” *grabs a chicken nugget* #thebachelor #same

— AS (@amanduhhhplease)

23. This questionable moment:

Corinne: “I’m starting to get the vibe that girls have an issue with me.”
America: “Really? What was your first clue?”

— Stephanie Karner (@Stephy_RN)

24. This reality:

“Vanessa gave me a very touching gift from her students. Corinne told me she’s like an ear of corn. I’m very conflicted”-Nick #TheBachelor

— Robert Mills (@Millsy11374)

25. This statement that’ll make you go HMMM:

“Are you here for the right reasons?” – Kristina
“Uh, duh. Who doesn’t want to be on the cover of @people” – Corinne

— Dana Weiss (@Possessionista)

26. This glorious perfect look into the future:

Corinne and Chad on Bachelor In Paradise. Think about it. #TheBachelor

— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee)

27. And this sneak peek of next week’s episode:

Corinne: “If I did something wrong, please come and talk to me.”
All of the girls:

— Nick (@TheFakeBachelor)

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