Lil Yachty: Dj Vlad An Is An FBI Agent!!

Lil Yachty is the latest rapper to accuse DJ Vlad of being a fed.

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“VLAD TV u a bitch cus that’s not what I said, stop twisting words u FBI agent” he tweeted.

Yachty’s tweet was in response to DJ Vlad hinting that he and Lil Uzi Vert were not on good terms. DJ Vlad claimed that in the latest episode of The No Jumper Show, Vlad said that Yachty implied the pair would never patch up their beef.


Lil Baby Gives Yachty $200K Chain (; 0:38)

After Yachty posted, DJ Vlad responded to him in the comments section:

“Nobody’s twisting your words. They asked if you and & Lil Uzi Vert were cool and you said “ehhhh.” Watch the video yourself before you start accusing people of twisting words that you said yourself. Kids today love to play victim & blame everyone else for their own actions Face with tears of joy” he wrote.

Yachty then wrote: “N*gga it don’t mean we not cool, it means I rather not speak on the situation publicly”