Let's Talk About How Gorgeous Jane's New Love Interest Is On “Jane The Virgin”

1. It’s been three years (and eight episodes) since Michael Cordero died on Jane the Virgin — thanks to some fast-forwarding of time — and Jane is finally ready to start dating again.

Or, as she says, “Have a fling!”

3. Fabian is an actor and fellow cast member on Rogelio’s latest telenovela.

8. …but Fabian ~really likes~ Jane. So much, in fact, that he asked her what kinds of books she likes reading so he can talk about them with her.

10. But Jane made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want anything more than a “fling,” and now the two of them are on the same page.

11. Which led Jane and Fabian to have sex (!!!!).

Yes, the only other person Jane’s ever had sex with, after Michael.

13. Let’s take a moment to just enjoy how beautiful Jane’s new “fling” is.

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