Leaked Video Shows Nicki Minaj Give 13 Yr Old Boy L*pdance: They Want To CANCEL Her!!

There are certain forces around the music world that are trying to get Nicki Minaj cancelled – and they’re working overtime.

The powers that want Nicki Minaj cancelled, and MTO News learned that they are creating a very destructive narrative around the greatest female rapper ever – that she’s a pedophile.

There’s a well orchestrated campaign going on against Nicki – an dit’s beginning to work. Yesterday a shadow IG page released a series of damaging videos against Nicki.

Probably none were more damaging, in MTO News opinion, that a video which showed Nicki Minaj giving lap dance to a 13 year old boy leaked also. Watch:

Nicki Minaj Gives L*pdance 13 Yr Old Boy – Should She Be Cancelled (; 0:42)

And there’s more. MTO News learned that the shadow page also leaked an old hip hop verse from Nicki was leaked yesterday. The song has her rapping with Lil Twist, who was just 16 at the time.

And the lyrics were cringeworthy. Listen:

That’s not all Nicki’s troubles.

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth are being sued by the woman Kenneth was convicted of trying to rape in 1995. The victim’s name is Jennifer Hough, and she claims Nicki allegedly tried to pay her money to change her story, but Jennifer claims she declined. 

In new legal documents obtained by MTO News, Jennifer claims Nicki and Kenneth have “directly and indirectly harassed her and threatened her to not speak about the incident, and she says they’ve inflicted emotional distress upon her as a result.”

Jennifer is suing Nicki and Kenneth for “intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment, and witness intimidation.