LaToya Ali’s Estranged Husband Denies Rape & Choking Allegations!!

Adam Ali, the husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star LaToya Ali, has denied allegations she recently made that he choked her and dragged her after he found out she cheated on him.

He said he raised his voice, shouted things like “get the f*ck out of here,” and also added that there was some “hustle and tussle.”

However, “I never striked her,” said in the video. “I never put my hand on her. Was she probably scared? Yeah, she probably was. … I never striked you. I never hit you or anything of that nature.”

Adam also claimed that he has a 20-minute video of LaToya “attacking” him in front of her mother and assistant. He says she knows about the video.

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Adam also denies LaToya’s claims of rape. LaToya implied that once she had blacked out after getting drunk, and she woke up and that he had intentionally tried to get her pregnant.

“That was the one thing from yesterday that was unbelievable. This is what gaslighting is,” he said.