Lamar Odom: Kobe Bryant Helped Me w/ Gambling Debt!!

Lamar Odom has revealed that late basketball legend Kobe Bryant once helped him out with a gambling debt.

“I had been gambling and I had an old debt that got a little too steep for where I was at at that time,” said Lamar on the All The Smoke podcast. “It was getting tight. And if you’re in a bad situation, especially about some money, he ain’t the one that you’re gonna want to call. He was just, ‘Have your people call my people, and then we’ll figure it out and that was one before the last time I spoke to him.”


Sabrina Parr & Lamar Odom On IG Live (; 1:00)

Lamar and Kobe were close.

“He taught me so many things in life that were necessary on and off the court,” Lamar wrote at the time of Kobe’s death. “On the court he taught me how to carve out defenses and how to take my time. How to make winning my ultimate goal. Off the court he taught me to sign my own checks lol.”