Kodak Black Disses ‘Lightskin N*ggas’

Kodak Black posted a message to light skin men on his social media.

“A Lightskin N-gga Can’t See Me In Nothing,” he wrote out of the blue. “Good Black Don’t Crack #WeWinning.”

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Just last year, Kodak said he was trying to do a whole album with Drake.

“I Am Your Biggest Fan Sir,” Kodak wrote. “I Love Your Music Sir,” he continued, adding, “If We Can’t Do A Whole Album Together, I Never Want To Do A Song With You Sir.”

Last month, the rapper claimed he wanted Trump back in office.

“I would like to see Trump back in office. I wouldn’t give a damn if he let me out of prison anyway. I was still f*ckin’ with Trump, but him doing that, it’s like you got all my love and sh*t. You got all my love and support, most def’. And any n*gga or any bitch who don’t like that, that just shows that you ain’t a good person and you ain’t loyal. You ain’t loyal ’cause anybody reppin’ for you like that, they’ posed to… So you can’t look for me to not like buddy.”


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