Kodak Black Breaks Silence On Security Guard Shooting

Kodak Black broke his silence following the shooting of his security.

Many believed him to be the actual target of the shooting.

“A bitch ain’t even gone play with me,” he said. “When I saw the [news articles], I was like, ‘What the f*ck?’ This ain’t no sh*t like — Y’all trying to make it like, one of these little industry bitches. That sh*t was just some little bullsh*t on some lame little sh*t that transpired on some lame sh*t, homie. If you a real stepper out here, you gone know, I’m in this life. Baby blue sh*t. That’s Yak right there.”

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He seemed to shoot down claims that another rapper or industry person could have been involved in the shooting. Cops are reportedly investigating claims made by producer Southside who dropped his location and told Kodak he wanted the throw hands. Like most, Kodak doesn’t think Southside is behind it. J

Just some young heads trying to make a name for themselves.