Kim Kardashian Unveils ‘SCARY’ New Post-Kanye Face In Advertisement!!

Kim Kardashian unveiled what many believe is her new post-Kanye face, in her latest SKIMS advertisement. And MTO News has learned that many of her fans are shocked by how different the reality star looks.

In the images, Kim’s face appears too have been altered – specifically her eyes. As one fan on Twitter put it, “Kim did some kind of demon facial surgery to her face. Now she looks like a creature of the night.”

Kim Kardashian has admitted to multiple plastic surgical procedures in the past.

Here are the images:


Reality Star Hazel E Nearly DIES; After Alleged Botched ‘Mommy Makeover’ Surgery! (; 1:56)

Speculation of a potential divorce started during the summer of 2020 after Kayne began his presidential campaign. The rapper made a few inappropriate statements regarding their children and Kim’s family. The reality star then went to visit Kanye on his ranch in Wyoming with their four children, and it seemed as though the couple had made amends. However, a few months later, the rumors of divorce began to circulate again, and this time it was serious.

Kim eventually filed for divorce – and has been seen all over Los Angel;es – with an apparent new face.