Kehlani Explains Why She Unfollowed Megan Thee Stallion; BEEF!

R&B singer Kehlani recently unfollowed Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram, TO News confirmed.

And that unfollow caused a backlash all across social media. Now Kehlani is speaking out – and explaining WHY she dropped Megan from her follows.

Rumors started flying MTO News first broke the story – especially considering that Kehlani rode for Megan in the past. You’ll recall that Kehlani actually removed Tory Lanez (who is accused of shooting Megan) from her album to support the Houston rapper. 


Kehlani Reveals YG Cheated On Her (; 1:02)

At first, people began to share their theories as to what happened. But, thankfully, the Bay Area artist is clearing everything up.

Adding a new text-based post on her feed, Kehlani wrote:

“I am unfollowing everyone and starting at zero, Instagram only lets you go a certain amount at a time. I am trying to get to zero to start over again. I followed 2300 people.”

She went on to address the theories that people have been sharing regarding her friendship with Megan.

“Y’all theories are ass juice and instagram is toxic which is why i’m tryna clean my timeline up to stay off of it,” she added. “If u follow me closely you know i been off twitter for a while too. i’m in a great placeeeeee mind ur beeeeez life is goooood.”

So what do you think . .  do you believe Kehlani??