Katie Holmes Wore the Basic Trend That Came Out of Nowhere

Normcore may not be a novelty in fashion anymore, but it’s certainly still a thing, given the basic trends that have cropped up throughout the past year. Fleece pullovers, plaid shackets, dad jeans, and lug-sole boots are some of the biggest trends of the season, but there’s another one that you may not know of yet, but it’s suddenly everywhere: puffer vests. And one stylish celebrity who loves such a functional trend as this is Katie Holmes

While out in New York recently, Holmes layered a puffer vest between a turtleneck and a blazer, taking away the need for a coat. Genius, if you ask me. I never fully understood the purpose of a warm vest, and we all know the Silicon Valley and Wall Street off-duty uniform associations, but I’ve seen so many creative outfits incorporating them this season that I get the universal appeal now.

Keep scrolling to take note of Holmes’ clever outfit idea and shop my favorite puffer vests.

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