Kate McKinnon Made Margot Robbie Laugh And Break Character On SNL

1. SNL’s 42nd Season premiered on Saturday and included a sketch called “Actress Round Table.”

2. The round table featured famous actresses Marion Cotillard (Cecily Strong), Keira Knightley (Margot Robbie), Lupita Nyong’o (Sasheer Zamata), and “Debette Goldry,” played by Kate McKinnon.

3. Debette, an old Hollywood starlet, was obviously thrilled to be part of the round table.

4. And the moderator posed important questions, like asking the women about some of the challenges they’d faced in their careers.

5. For Debette, the biggest challenge was dealing with all those uppers and downers.

“Back at MGM they’d give me opioid injections between my toes to keep me quiet between takes,” Debette goes on. “Then they’d have a little man run over, give me a shot of amphetamine to say my line, ‘Stop hitting me with that shovel, Clark Gable!’ and then more opium. You girls know how it is.”

7. And Debette was, to say the least, impressed with how much things have changed…

11. It’s a little hard to keep a straight face when you’re watching, right Margot Robbie?

Watch it here and have yourself an excellent end to the weekend.

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