Kanye West Spent $3 Million On Presidential Campaign But Raised Just $2,782!!

Kanye West reportedly forked out a whopping $3 million of his own money on his presidential campaign while raising just $2,782 last month.

The figures were reported by the Federal Election Commission NY Mag’s Ben Jacobs.

“Of the money Kanye West’s presidential campaign raised, $1582 came in unitemised contributions of under $200. He received two itemised contributions, one of $1000 and a second of $200,” Jacobs wrote.

Jacobs added that Ye “has now spent $9.75 million on his campaign and has another $540,000 in debt as well.”

The campaign has been a costly one for Ye. According to Jacobs confirmed, Kanye has loaned nearly $10 million to his campaign and given it over $2 million in contributions. He has only managed to raise $17,635 from donors.

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It was clear from the beginning that he would not win the election — but it is suspected that Ye ran to help siphon votes from Biden so that he friend Donald Trump can win.