Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are ‘Not Fighting’ Over Divorce

When it was revealed that Kanye West had moved his 500 pair sneaker collection from his residence in Los Angeles to his new home in Wyoming, many speculated that things had taken a bad turn for the couple.

But a source says they are not fighting.

“Kanye moving his sneakers out has nothing to do with the divorce,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “He has made Wyoming his main residence and his sneaker collection is his prized possession. Kim was thrilled and helped organize it and took over the closet with her Skims. They’re not fighting right this second. There’s nothing for them to fight about.”


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The source also added that the former couple are still supportive of one another:

“While they’re not romantically involved right now, Kim and Kanye are both 100% supportive of each other when it comes to business,” the insider told HL. “They made that plan together for Kanye to move his shoes out. Kanye decided he wanted to have his sneaker collection nearby and Kim was thrilled to be able to have her closet to hang her Skims as they both continue to grow their brands. She’s making the closet like a showroom and she’s excited for it.”