Justin Theroux Clears Up That Brad Pitt-Related Instagram Post: I'm Not Shading Anyone

Justin Theroux is no hater – at least when it comes to his wife’s famous ex.  

After the actor shared an Instagram photo over the weekend depicting street art with the phrase “F*** Brad Pitt” on display, some fans wondered if he was taking a swipe at Jennifer Aniston’s former husband.   

Justin shut down the conspiracy theories, updating his caption to clarify via hashtag that he was “not shading anyone” because he isn’t “eleven years old.”

Adding, “I mean seriously.”

While Justin didn’t intend to convey any bad blood for Brad, he did appear to be referencing the heated U.S. presidential race in his post.

The Berlin mural, by artist Nick Flatt, depicts a woman biting her raised middle finger as other expletive-ridden statements including “f*** war” and “f*** racism” comprise the background.

Justin originally included the hashtag “#currentelectionmood,” but joked in his amended caption that he related to another one of the artist’s non-political opinions. 

“#okaymaybepickles,” he added.

— Erin Biglow