Journalist Claims Prince Prince ‘Gobbled Up’ His Bottle Of Percocets

It’s been more than five years since Prince passed away — but now a journalist is claiming that the Purple One once “gobbled up” her bottle of percs during a visit to his home.

In her new book, This Thing Called Life, Neal Karlen recounts his relationship with the late superstar.

Karlen writes in the book that he had broken five bones in his leg while rollerblading and was housebound for months. Prince visited him in his home and they had a conversation about “a dozen topics” including Karlen’s “unlimited” supply of Percocet pills that he had been prescribed post-surgery.

“I didn’t even have time to offer him a glass of water before he spied the white Walgreen’s bottle of pills in my living room,” he writes.

“Prince gobbled a third of the bottle like they were M&Ms, and my heart sank. It was f*ckking true. I’d heard rumors for years that he’d been off and on heavy painkillers ever since the ‘Purple Rain’ tour a dozen years before.”

As Prince is no longer with us, he is unable to defend himself against these allegations.