Jim Jones: I Stopped Record Label From Dropping Trey Songz!!

Rapper Jim Jones has revealed that he once stopped a record label from dropping artist Trey Songz from its roster.


Trey Songz Says He Wanted To Sign Summer Walker (; 1:01)

Capo worked as an executive for Warner Bros, he says that he’s one of the main reasons for the singer’s success:

“I definitely helped Trey Songz with his success,” he said. “In his very beginning stage, I kind of saved his career. He was actually on the chopping block at the label, I guess it was Atlantic at the time and I was working on Warner Music Group. Saw Trey at one of the music conventions in the Bahamas or something and Kevin Liles was like, ‘We about to cut this young man because we don’t know what to do with him,’ and I was like, ‘That n*gga fire, you don’t need to cut him, you need to invest in him and put some steam behind him.’ Now look, Kevin Liles ended up managing him — I always been real good at that man, even now. I could pick a diamond in the rough with my eyes closed, it’s cool.”