Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Sing Hit Song ‘Get Right’; Was Really A BLACK Woman! (Listen)

We have all heard the rumors about Jennifer Lopez lip synching her lyrics on some of her biggest hits from the 2000s.

Now MTO News has learned one of her former background singers is exposing her further. It turns out that Jennifer Lopez may have lip synched her way through her biggest hit of the 2010s also.

J Lo’s former background singer spoke out in a recent interview, and showed off her vocal chops. During the interview, the interviewer was surprised and claimed that it was her, and not J Lo, that was singing the familiar hook to the song Get Right.

The background singer didn’t correct him. She just said, “Yep that was me.”

Get Right was one of the biggest hit songs in J Lo’s entire singing career.

Listen – it definitely does sound like the singer is telling the truth.

Jennifer Lopez Caught Lipsynching (; 0:44)

Here is the J Lo version