Jeffree Star Claims Black Boyfriend Robbed Him; Post Suggests Someone Has AIDS!!

International makeup guru Jeffree Star is claiming that his latest boyfriend, basketball player Andre Marhold, stole from him – and may have compromised his health, MTO News has learned.

Just a few weeks ago, Jeffree and his basketball player boyfriend were all over social media together looking like a happy couple. Jeffree was enjoying being official with his boyfriend and all the media attention, so much so that he even started trolling Andre’s baby’s mama – who had no idea he was secretly gay.

Well the two are splitting up now, and their break up is EXTREMELY messy. In fact it may be the messiest breakup of 2020.

It all started when Jeffree took to social media, claiming that Andre robbed him – and stole things out of his house.

Jeffree then posted more. He claims that Andre signed a “non-disclosure” agreement with him, and he’s not allowed to spill any tea about their relationship online.

Then, Jeffree made a bizarre claim, saying that Andre “put [Jeffree’s]’ health at risk,” but he did not specify what he meant.

Andre hit back with some equally puzzling posts. The first post, he described the symptoms of a person suffering from AIDS – and he said “someone can relate.”

Andre claims that he found “something” in Jeffree’s room that will “ruin” him. He did not specify what it was however.