Jeezy Calls Out Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Army Lieutenant!!

Jeezy called out the police officer who went viral after bodycam footage of him pepper-spraying an army lieutenant while he was in his uniform.

Lt. Caron Nazario was pulled over by police officers. When he asked why he was being detained, they refused to inform him, even taunting him with threat of execution.


Gucci Dissed Jeezy’s Dead Homie – The One He Killed (; 1:47)

After he left his SUV, he was thrown to the ground. They then threatened him, warning him to complain; otherwise, criminal charges would be filed against them.

“What part of this is protecting and serving. After you went and fought for the country. It’s like they wanted to take his masculinity to feed egos!! Let’s see what the government do about this. I see no threat, only a man that was confused and understood protocol.”

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Jeezy continued, “He asked the right questions. They didn’t have any answers. Shits break my heart to see a grown manhandled like an animal. Only in America.”

He is suing the officers for $2 million.