JayDaYoungan Finally Responds To Cuban Doll’s Claims He’s Gay

JayDaYoungan has finally responded to the allegations Cuban Doll made alleging she broke up with him after finding gay stuff on his phone.

“B*tch all in her feelings cus ainn give her d*ck in a month now she on Twitter calling me gay,” he wrote. “When she know I drop real good d*ck & that P*ssy need spit so I rather her swallow my babies.”

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Last week, Cuban wrote:

“The real reason me & jay broke up I went through his phone & seen gay stuff,” she tweeted. “Ain’t nothing with that I never said anything because I don’t thinks he ready to tell y’all maybe I’m wrong for even saying this but it’s honestly truth. It’s okay I’m GAY ALSO [heart emojis].”

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JayDaYoungan took over a week to respond.

Earlier this year, JayDaYoungan’s baby mama accused the rapper of physically abusing her while she was pregnant.

Jordan uploaded pictures of her body covered in bruises. There are huge bruises on her legs, her thighs — and her pregnant belly can also be seen.