It’s Finally Spring, and We’re Celebrating With These 20 Nail Designs

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. There’s no better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with a fresh manicure. It might not seem like much, but it’s a small, visual cue telling us it’s time to shed the old and embrace the new, and isn’t that what spring is all about?

Just as we’re switching out our long jackets and cable-knit sweaters for trendy tees and flowy dresses, we’re switching out our dark nail polish and old, tired nail designs for something lighter and brighter. Luckily, we have a lot of inspiration to do so after we took it upon ourselves to scour Instagram for the best spring nail designs. From mix-and-match manicures to floral patterns and abstract creations, we found something for every taste and aesthetic. Keep scrolling to see 20 spring nail designs from some of Instagram’s best nail artists and salons.

Tennis-ball green is one of the five biggest color trends of the year. Who says that applies to your wardrobe only? Take it from your clothes to your nails with this sporty and squiggly design. 

This shade of orange is another one of the five biggest color trends of the year. We’ve coined it “tiger tangerine,” and its fresh, citrusy hue couldn’t be more appropriate for spring and summer. 

Mix-and-match manicures are all the rage. To re-create this springy design, you’ll need a few different things, namely orange and white polish, some gold leaf, and a steady hand. 

We don’t know what we love most about this manicure. Is it the creamy peach polish? Is the negative-space design? Is it the perfectly oval-shaped nails? We’ll never know for sure. 

Remember when we said mix-and-match manicures are all the rage? Yeah, that applies to French manicures, too. To re-create this look, choose a different design for each fingertip. 

If you’re a minimalist through and through, even when it comes to your manicures, then this one’s for you. All you need is a neutral base coat and a tiny dot of color above each cuticle. 

Say what you will about matte nails, but there’s something about a glossy topcoat we can’t resist. It makes any manicure, including this fun and fresh one, look elevated and purposeful. We like Olive and June’s Super Glossy Top Coat ($8), which keeps our nails looking their best.

A nude base and tiny hand-painted flowers make this manicure look whimsical and ethereal. 

If florals aren’t your thing, gravitate toward graphic shapes and lines instead. Bonus points if you use a pastel polish, like this sky blue, which keeps the design light and fresh.

Paint varying shades of green in marble-like ribbons to re-create this eye-catching design. 

A swoop of scarlet is all you need to re-create this chic design. If you need some shade suggestions, we got you. Read up on 26 of the best red nail polishes of all time. 

Nail artist Holly Falcone used Chanel Le Vernis in Bleu Pastel ($28) for this design.

We don’t know whether or not it’s obvious, but we’re really into French manicures lately.

Sure, this design looks like it would be a little difficult to create at home, but it’s possible with the right tools, a steady hand, and a little bit of patience. Then, watch the compliments roll in.

Who says a manicure needs to match? Take heed from nail artist Hang Nguyen and paint a different design, in a different color scheme, on each nail. The result is a perfect collage. 

This design, which looks like it was inspired by art deco, is simple and sophisticated. 

We love seeing spring nail designs that use pastels in a fresh and anything-but-basic way. 

This ’60s-inspired design is everything, especially when it comes in turquoise blue. Luckily, we know the exact shade nail artist Betina Goldstein used. It’s Nailtopia Be More Pacific ($10). 

This one goes out to the minimalist who still likes a pop of color in their manicure. 

Is anyone else getting some serious Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes from this design?

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