Is That A Giant Penis On “The Golden Girls”?

1. As a Golden Girls super fan, this past week when I was finding comfort by watching every episode again for the millionth time, I was shocked to notice something I’d never seen before.

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2. How is it possible I could miss something so bizarre? Something right on the wall, of MY BEST FRIEND’S house!

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3. Picture it, 2017, I’m watching The Golden Girls as usual.


4. It’s a typical episode, some cheesecake in the kitchen, etc.


8. I know what you’re thinking, “girl chill, that’s probably a lobster or something.”

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11. “Enhance better!”…Wow, TV quality has really changed…


I went ahead and tried to find the real life version of the pan, and I was able to find this match on Reddit.

13. Upon closer inspection it appears to be either hanging cherries or a very ornate penis.

  1. Is the pan in question shaped like a penis?

    1. No way, get your mind out of the gutter!

    2. Maybe.

    3. Of course it’s a penis, The Golden Girls are hilarious and Rue Mcclanahan probably picked it out.

    4. That’s a poorly designed headless lobster.

Is That A Giant Penis On “The Golden Girls”?


    15. Whether that’s a penis or not, thank you for being a friend!

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