Inside The Totally Insane And Sort Of Successful Fan Campaign To Bring Back “Sense8”

A representative for Global Cluster told BuzzFeed News about the wide range of techniques used by fans to spread awareness of the show.

“In the aftermath of the cancelation, our role in all of this was that we wanted to organize our efforts a little bit,” they said. “We have fans all over social media and all over the world – Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. So we created one main account in order to focus our efforts and to get the word out on campaigns that we as a fandom are working on.”

When asked if they feel that the campaign has been intense, the representative for the group said that fans of the show have been let down throughout its life span, and that their frustration is therefore valid.

“The only reason people FOUND the show is through its active online fan base,” they said. “They financed a show that costs $11 million an episode and never promoted it to any visible degree. The show was canceled 27 days after the season was released, resulting in very little time for people to actually watch the show. For a show so heavily rooted in LGBTQIA issues, they never brought the cast to LGBTQ events AND canceled the show the first day of Pride month. So we believe any frustration with Netflix is valid.”

Prior to the announcement of the show’s special, the group said it did not see an end to its campaign.

“The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski conceptualized this show for ten years. If they dedicated that long of a period of their lives to this show, then we’re willing to fight for as long as it will take,” the representative said.

After a little over a month of protests, petitions, and hashtags, it looks like Global Cluster’s efforts have paid off.

Netflix announced on Thursday that the show would be coming back — sort of. The streaming service told fans on Friday that Sense8 would return as a two-hour-long movie.