I’m Upping My Slipper Game This Season—These Pairs Made the Cut

I have to admit I’ve definitely taken advantage of working on my laptop from home wearing sweats and PJ’s versus the full on business casual outfits an office environment warrants. But though I’ve welcomed the change of wardrobe with open arms, I’ve realized my loungewear selection could use a major update—starting with my slippers.

With the cooler weather is here, and there’s nothing that will make me feel more put together than a cozy pair of slippers to top off whatever free-flowing fit I’ve decided to live in for the day. Besides, dirtying up your socks by wearing them around the house isn’t necessarily ideal, and neither is walking on a wooden floor barefoot in the winter. 

My quest for winter slippers has opened my eyes to the vast amounts of silhouettes and fabrics on the market right now. From the classic “hotel slipper” to the widely-loved fuzzy options to soft, satin iterations (because sometimes you just want to feel ultra-luxe, even at home), this is the time of year when brands really hone in on the cozy element. I’m all for it. I know I’m not the only one on this mission right now, so I’ve rounded up some of the best slippers for the winter season for you below. Fair warning: you may find yourself wanting more than you need.

The hard sole means these will stand up to long term use better than soft soled slippers. 

Winter slippers are your cheat-code for digging into this season’s shearling trend.

For the minimalist in us all.

Not mad at this luxury pick.

This understated winter slippers still deliver on the warmth.

Hello, chic!

Sporty and cozy.

Is anyone else getting holiday vibes? The added pink breathes new life to this plaid print.

We know fashion girls love a checkerboard motif.

For those who want added support.

This clean design and neat bow make for the perfect prim and proper option.

Calling all Birkenstock fans.

Like a boho dream.

Has there ever been a fancier hotel slipper?

These pom poms are irresistible.

Denim slippers? Too cool.

I’m not taking these off all season.

These will hug your feet so well.

These are in my cart as we speak.

These are beyond good.

I’ll be finding any excuse to wear these.

These look so plush.

I can’t get enough of this fit.

Always a classic.

Target just gets it.

Madewell knows good slippers.

A shearling cloud your toes will delight in.

You’ll barely know they’re there.

Turn up the warmth with these tube socks turned slippers.

Your new eco-friendly fav—This bootie slipper has an upper made of recycled materials, and is 100% vegan. 

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