I’m Taking a Trip to Paris and All I Want to Do Is Shop For It—29 Of My Finds

While travel for me has been pretty non-existent lately, I have a trip to Paris coming up and I’ve reached peak excitement level. Not only am I ready to hop on a plane again to travel to one of my favorite cities, but I’m also excited about all of the pieces I’ll be packing into my suitcase. As a fashion editor, outfit planning is truly one of my favorite parts of traveling because it pushes me to think about my outfits more than I am in everyday life and order some of the items I’ve been eyeing. And yes, I love documenting what I’m wearing when I have a trip somewhere.

That being said, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Paris shopping list for my upcoming trip and have it edited down to some of my favorite finds and all of the cool things on the market that are hitting on the late summer and early fall trends. Ahead, see the pieces that landed on my Paris shopping list.

An oversize white button-down for layering is key.

The denim color everyone is suddenly wearing.

Clogs are already a trend that’s all over the streets of Paris, so it seems like the perfect place to test drive them.

The perfect versatile basic.

Plissé pleats are luxe, yet comfortable, so they’re perfect for travel.

Just yes.

Striped pants are all I can think about and feel especially right for this trip.

I can personally vouch for how comfortable these are and already plan on bringing them for days walking around.

This dress just feels like it was made for Paris.

Hey there, perfect flats.

At $20, this go-with-anything ’90s-inspired nylon bag is a smart buy.

I’ve been eyeing this top for so long.

My Bermuda shorts obsession is going strong.

The most beautiful bag, ever.

Another piece I already own and plan on packing.

I’m not gonna lie, I already ordered this.

For a run by the Seine.

Here’s something else I already ordered. I really had to hunt these down.

To wear with the New Balance sneakers above.

Something tweed is a must.

The ultimate “going out” option.

For a dose of fun.

I can’t decide why, but this top just seems perfect for Paris.

The first thing to pack in the suitcase? Lots of denim.

To wear with jeans.

The Parisian way to get in on the green trend.

So beautiful.

More stripes, because why not?

Loafers are a no-brainer.

An easy thrown-on piece.

Next, seven things I always wear (and seven I skip) after living in NYC, Paris, and L.A.