I’m Spotting Every “Need To Know” Shoe Trend At Zara—6 I’m Losing It Over

As I did my routine scroll through Zara’s new arrivals I was so impressed by the shoes that I saw that I instantly dashed to their dedicated shoe section. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by literally every pair of shoes that I’ve been dreaming about wearing for the past few months. No trend was left behind, pretty much all the shoes my favorite it-girls have been wearing were here, and at under $100 you bet I was intrigued. 

This year’s shoe trend cycle has served us well. Instead of bombarding us with a new trend every month, the latest from designers has had major staying power. So seeing them all lined up with a Zara price tag got me excited. Platforms, sparkly sandals, unique loafers, and more. Dressing from the shoes up just got way more fun. You’ll find what you’re looking for to complete that look below. 

Upgrade any look instantly with a bold pop of color that you won’t believe goes so well with your outfit. This happens to be my secret to turning jeans and a tee into a LOOK. 

Green is always a good idea.

My go-to evening shoe has arrived.

I’m still not over PVC.

These just look so comfortable.

Strappy sandals are going to be the fashion set’s go-to for the rest of the year starting now. It may be cold but when you have a pair of shoes this good you wear them anyway.

This is exactly how I plan to style mine in spring.

Sparkle and shine.

Booking a flight to Cannes now and bringing these.

Gladiator girl.

The industry’s response to the pandemic was initially a major comfort-first approach to style but a quick 180 reveals we’re now obsessed with dressing as glamorous as possible. Live out your inner disco diva dreams with this trend.

Any look will look so good when you wear these mules.

A subtle nod to glam.

I might have to take these home with me.

If you prefer flats but still want to feel dressed up, why not try these.

While I love my sleeker styles, I can certainly confirm that chunky sneakers are still having a big moment.

Sneakers give off that effortless vibe that we’re all going for.

Let’s go for a walk.

My entire team of fashion editors has their hearts set on retro styles like these ones.

Black sneakers deserve more love than they’re getting IMO.

You’ve certainly already heard the news that platform shoes are going to be so big in 2022. I for one, just can’t seem to shut up about them. Being on the taller side still doesn’t steer me away from this style, bring on the height!

Clogs had such a big moment last year, give them a 2022 update with this style. 

Strawberry and whipped cream are not included with purchase, unfortunately.

Putting these on my vision board beause they’re so good.

Pump it up.

Hello, loafers, you’ve been cute but we’re giving you an update. It could be a bold platform, contrasting colors, or a chunky sole—let’s see what’s new.

These look so expensive.

This loafer style is going viral on social media.

Moccasin meets loafer.

I can’t leave you without another pair of platforms.

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