I’m Really Good at Shopping at Nordstrom—33 Finds I Swear Will Blow Up

As a professional shopper, I am always scouring Nordstrom’s site because I never know what gems I’ll find on any given day. Lately, Nordstrom has become a destination for discovering new designers and finding cult pieces that are sold out everywhere else, and I’m here to bring you the inside scoop. I managed to find some of spring’s most promising trends at affordable price points including subversive basics, the perfect trench, a pair of Levi’s that I swear look vintage, and even the hair conditioner that everyone is raving about on TikTok and IRL. Plus, spring is just around the corner, which means a lot of great winter finds are heavily discounted, aka the time to finally check out is now.

Since the retailer’s catalog is vast, it takes some professional-level stalking to score the best deals, so keep scrolling so I can share the goods. Sharing is caring! Happy shopping.

Telfar walked so Luar could run.

These will never go out of style.

Mid-rise and slouchy, these pants just get it.

Minimal with some flare.

It’s on sale! This is not a drill.

Mix it up a little, but not too much, with a black-and-white print.

A punch of color never hurt anybody.

This foundation literally makes you glow.

For the romantics.

Everyone knows not all Levi’s 501s are created equal. These look like that girl!

Um, $40? My spidey senses say yes.

For those days that perfectly crescendo to nights.

This pink ombré is so cute.

A little sliver of skin along the collarbones. Yes.

Making water sexy again.

Green accessories are a must-have in 2022.

Tailored to perfection.

Get the large size, and thank me later.

Trendy and timeless, a concept.

It’s no wonder everyone is getting these. The most comfortable experience ever.

Half off!

This lipstick functions more like a tint. Chic.

The side slit pairs perfectly with high-waisted pants.

Cozy and functional.

Luxe staples are taking over.

Wear this with jeans and heavy jewelry.

Houndstooth print is so underrated.

Very 2022 in a Miu Miu kinda way.

This multi-textured sweater will make any outfit more dynamic.

A versatile queen.

Love the color and flowy shape.

Perfect for date night.

A ruched LBD for under $50? Sign me up.

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