I’m Into Edgy Trends—30 Ultra-Cool Pieces I’m Eyeing From Shopbop

If your daily dress code includes black and extreme cut-outs, then this shopping haul is for you. We previously touched on how the edgier side of things is currently in the fashion spotlight—just look at the popularity of Balenciaga and Coperni right now—and it’s only ramping up into 2023. More designers have also taken note, which may explain why everything seems to be a cargo pant or covered in leather. I too have drunk the Kool-Aid, and my Shopbop cart is the evidence.

The digital retailer always delivers when it comes to trends that are somewhat approachable, so you can be sure that while the below pieces are more eccentric, they’re also practical for day-to-day dressing. After searching through tons of pages, I finally narrowed it down to the 30 best fashion finds that sum up this season’s penchant for edge. Keep clicking to shop everything that made my cart.

Since it’s that time of year where everyone is mainly focusing on your coat, why not make it one to remember?

Satin always looks supremely expensive.

The party top of all party tops.

Edge up your fluffy winter sweaters with these.

Textured and crinkled jewelry is certainly trending right now.

Leave it to Gannni to create one of the season’s coolest handbag silhouettes.

Simple and sleek.

I’m already contemplating all the ways to wear these.

In case you missed it, yes mirrored boots are everywhere.

Two neutrals are better than one.

Meet your new everyday bag.

Truly a show-stopper.

I love dramatic drapery.

Just in time for the holiday season.

It’s not exactly hard-edged, but name other sweaters as cool as this.

Black pumps with an edge.

Pretty tops all season please.

A prime example that winter dresses definitely don’t have to be boring.

Since Coperni’s Swipe bag was such a hit, I expect for this to similar explode.

A little cut-outs are always the answer.

The definition of statement boots.

I’ll dreaming about this sweater for the entirety of winter.

I’m getting goth ice skater in the best way possible.

If only in my dreams (or black Friday sales).

Cargo pants really deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Platform boots are a perfect pairing with floral dresses.

Truly incredible.

The addition of green shearling makes for a sensory experience.

Save this one for NYE.

Consider me obsessed.

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