I’m Gutting My Spring Wardrobe—7 Outdated Staples I’m Retiring and 7 I’m Adding

It’s gone from 50-degrees to 18-degrees and back up to 60 here in NYC in the past week alone, so excuse me if I’m jumping the gun on discussing spring here. While I won’t be fully putting my heavier winter items away just yet (you really never know with the weather here), the rollercoaster of climates we’ve experienced recently has prompted me to start analyzing my spring wardrobe earlier than I would have. If warmer weather wants to arrive sooner than expected, I’m all for it. But before it stations for good, I’m examining my spring wardrobe and doing a complete overhaul.

I think we can all agree that the past two spring seasons have not exactly felt “normal” so the staples I used to wear between the months of March and June could definitely use an update. I took a look at my closet and will be removing seven outdated spring staples, in particular, because they no longer feel like the freshest option. Items like utility jumpsuits and milkmaid tops that I hoarded for years are getting the boot and now I have my eye on a few 2022 updates that will make all my spring outfits feel truer to where my style is at today.

With that, keep reading to see which spring staples I’ll be relying upon over the course of the next few months and consequently which older ones I’m retiring.

Once we reach the point in the season where jackets become optional, tube tops are all I’ll want to wear. I love their sleek and slightly ’90s-inspired vibe and there are so many to choose from right now from basic to trendier.

Expect spring 2022 to be all about oversized leather jackets. The style that will be a fixture in my closet? Leather bomber jackets that feel fresher than the denim jackets I used to rely on.

Floss heels are cool and all, but I’m officially giving them up in favor of heels that aren’t quite so complicated or painful to wear: simple mules. I’m looking for a pair that’s minimalistic with a mid-height heel I can wear during the day and at night.

It’s no secret that bold and bright colors like tangerine, kelly green and hot pink are trending hard for spring. For me, they’ll be replacing softer pastel tones that I used to lean in the spring.

I didn’t realize how many utility jumpsuits I actually owned until I went to clean out my closet. I guess I really bought into the trend when it peaked several years ago. Now, though, utility trousers like relaxed cargo pants are what I’ll be replacing my jumpsuits with.

I might be alone here but there’s something about ballet pumps that feels fresh right now. I like that the few inches of height make them easy to wear but also a shoe that can transition from casual to dressy in the blink of an eye. Ballet flats, on the other hand, feel outdated to me now.

I’m crushing hard on looser-fitting jeans right now. In particular, pairs that are relaxed but not completely baggy. They lend a casual vibe and I can already see myself reaching for the comfy staple on repeat come spring.

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