I’m Going on a Fall Getaway, and These Are the Chic Items in My Carry-On

Every fall, I look forward to escaping from the city and heading to Upstate New York. I can put on Red (Taylor’s Version), pack my favorite fuzzy socks and the coziest pieces from my fall collection, and have a little getaway to see the leaves changing, drink wine with friends, and enjoy being outside before it gets too cold. I’ve already gone upstate once this fall, and unfortunately, it was raining the entire time. This weekend, a few friends and I are making up for it and taking a short trip to Hudson Valley for a do-over. When traveling, I have to have all of my essentials with me. My packing list may be a little longer than others, but what can I say? I like what I like. I keep travel sizes of everything now, and it has been a total game changer for me, so I’ve rounded up some of the things that I can’t travel without. From great beauty products and makeup bags to clothing items and shoes, this list is a guide to almost everything you’ll need when taking a quick weekend away. What’s even better is that most of these items are on the affordable side, which is always a win. 

Keep scrolling to see the items that are coming in my luggage this weekend.

I’m loving this vegan-leather weekender. 

This is my new favorite jacket. It’s perfect for an outdoorsy day. 

I try not to pick favorites when it comes to my leggings, but these ones are definitely up there. 

These feel like walking on a cloud. 

I wore these to my most recent upstate trip, and they were maybe the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. 

I just got these, and I am so excited. 

I’m into the tortoiseshell print on this makeup bag. 

I love a good turtleneck. You can dress it up or down.

These makeup minis are exactly what my carry-on needs. 

So you don’t need to bring all of your brushes with you next time. 

Throw this over a white turtleneck. 

How soft does this turtleneck look?

I love travel fragrances. Who wants to travel around with a big, chunky perfume bottle? 

I always bring little black booties in case I want heels for a dinner or day out.

A case big enough for a true makeup lover.

I’d pair these socks with Mini Uggs. 

These platforms are so good, and I need them immediately. 

This looks perfect for getting cozy by the fire. 

I’ve had my makeup bag for way too long, so it’s time I get an upgrade. 

My luggage needed replacing, and this carry-on looks perfect. 

Pair with the matching pants below for a cozy at-home look. 

These look so comfortable. I need them. 

I swear by these Jo Malone mini fragrances. 

I’m bringing a sweater just like this one on my trip. 

A great pair of jeans is a must. 

I’m bringing these on my next hike. 

I’m a huge fan of the beauty brand Nudestix, especially this pocket-sized smoky-eye kit.

I’m such a huge fan of knee-high boots, and I need these to come with me too. 

I’d pair this with leather pants and boots. 

For when you need glam on the go. 

Leggings are a must-have on a fall getaway. 

A great layering cardigan

You’d be surprised by how much one of these can save your travel experience. 

You won’t want to take these leggings off. 

This jacket is so good, and it looks like it’ll keep you so warm.

I’m definitely ordering these. 

Because prepping and setting your makeup cannot be taken out of the routine, even if you’re traveling. 

I have a thing for anything with shearling. 

To me, this romper looks like the perfect cabin pajamas. 

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