I’m Cleaning Out My Closet, and These 5 Things Will Not Be Making It to 2022

Thanks to my limited storage space and not-so-limited shopping habit, I’m always looking for a reason to edit down and declutter my wardrobe. Thankfully, just after holiday sales comes the New Year—a perfect time to prepare for a fresh start as well as donate to those in need. In other words, it’s time for another wardrobe cleanse, and for once, I know exactly where to start. 

While I’ve been pretty good this year about discerning which trends to spend on and which to skip, my closet is still bursting with excess in the form of older pieces I own in duplicates, haven’t gotten enough use out of, or simply don’t suit me. In an attempt to start 2022 off right, I’ll be helping myself to spark joy by weeding those pieces out and finding them homes where they can be put to better use. To see and read about exactly what I’m getting rid of this time around, just keep scrolling, and if you’re concerned about getting your Who What Wear shopping fix, don’t worry—there’s a little of that, too. 

Think about how many T-shirts, pairs of jeans, sweaters, and basics in general you own. Now, how many do you actually wear? A great first place to start is clearing the extras that rarely get used to let the rest of your wardrobe shine. 

I no longer have room in my life or closet for uncomfortable shoes. Whether it’s tight boots or too-high heels, I never end up reaching for the painful shoe choice because I know I’ll regret it, so there’s no reason to hold on to them any longer. 

You know those tops that just never work with any of your bottoms or skirts that are always too specific for the occasion? I’m sick of holding on to hard-to-match pieces in hopes that they’ll someday become useful. Instead, I’m sticking to matching sets and low-key separates that go with everything.

Especially in this post-pandemic, more casual world, I can no longer justify the amount of closet space I’ve allotted to outdated gowns, clutches, and evening shoes. Not only are there fewer events, but when I do dress up, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be compelled to suddenly reach for that old bridesmaid’s dress I’ve otherwise ignored for the last several years. 

With the exception of a few nostalgia pieces and a select number of items that actually look better worn-out (such as denim or leather jackets), for the most part, those older items that look like they’ve seen better days can and probably should go. Unsure where to start? Your leggings drawer is probably a good place as well as are your sock, sweater, and pants sections.

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