I’m Calling It: This Color Is Guaranteed to Have A Big Moment in 2022

Of course, I stalked my coworker’s Instagram accounts to find out the next big color trend. I mean, they’re just so stylish and they always answer my slacks asking, “where did you get that?” One common theme I’ve noticed amongst their Instagram feeds lately is a love for the color yellow.

I’ve had many friends say they stay away from the golden shade claiming it doesn’t flatter their skin tone or they prefer neutrals. Well, take a scroll below and you’ll notice my team, which is quite the diverse crowd, wearing the color—even our die-hard minimalists! The key is choosing the right shade of color for your skin tone, I personally suggest deeper yellow if you have warm undertones or fairer skin and vice versa if you’re the opposite. We will be wearing this color, especially in spring-summer, in every shade it arrives in. Scroll on to see how this team of fashion editors is rocking the color yellow.

This photo was all I needed to see to know that yellow is back. No color looks better poolside, especially when paired with a striking blue.

Every fashion editor has this brand in her closet by now.

You can never go wrong with a button-up shirt.

An updated take on the classic tee is always a good idea. Padded or puffed shoulders will certainly be one of the best ways to wear yellow this year.

I need her.

Something unique to add to your denim collection.

I still dream about the day I got to wear this dress. You too can be lucky enough to wear something just as whimsical. 

I have a major crush on this brand.

Jacquemus never goes on sale—take advantage.

Bold and bright puffers aren’t going anywhere. My Instagram feed is covered with them. You won’t regret adding a yellow one to your collection.

Our fashion editor group chat has certainly mentioned this one.

Pair it with a tee for the ultimate streetwear look.

The ultra-feminine gal is going to be loving an opportunity to wear this color. If that’s you, you’re welcome.

A forever piece.

Staud can just take all of our money at this point.

Go back to the basics and try wearing just yellow. It will never disappoint.

Sometimes I feel like my greatest decision in fashion was to invest in these Ganni cotton poplin shirts.

This brand is about to blow up so act fast.

Sporty spice would be proud of this look. Athleisure is such a fun way to bring more color into your wardrobe and so make sure you try out a bright yellow color.

This is such a fun way to make more casual basics feel special.

Running shorts for the win.

I love this dress as it is but just think of how good it would look with a belt.

Calling this moment micro puff.

I need to get my hands on this one.

I live for a blazer moment.

This is such a good shade of yellow.

Every little detail on this top makes me love it more.

Celebrities love this bag and I do too.

Asymmetrical knits are having such a moment this year.

Cool girl aesthetic unlocked.

BRB booking a vacation now.

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