I’m a Really Picky Shopper—These 25 Dresses, Sweaters, and Shoes Made the Cut

When it comes to shopping, I am the president of the Picky Club—and I blame it on my profession. Because I spend most of my days inundated in fashion, from meeting emerging designers and discovering new silhouettes to writing about fashion’s past and its future trends, by the time it comes to actually investing in pieces, I am hard to please. My shopping is an amalgamation of knowing too much about upcoming trends and knowing that I like what I like. 

I am very comfortable with my style; I know I err on the minimalist side and gravitate toward neutral basics with subtle pops of color or funky design elements from time to time. And I am fully aware that I love sophisticated, strategic cut-outs as an elevated twist to basics. I also think it’s imperative to note that I recently made a drastic move, both geographically and style-wise, from New York to Miami, and my shopping taste has been refreshed. My shopping carts have gone from all-black ensembles, knee-high boots, and chunky knit sweaters to bright-colored numbers, body-hugging thin knits, and all types of sandals. While being deemed a picky shopper often has a negative connotation, I look at it as a good quality as I shop with a specific vision and rarely have to return things. Keep scrolling to discover the dresses, sweaters, and shoes that have real estate in my shopping cart right now.

I actually love both of these dresses

Toile patterns will never get old. 

These strategically designed cut-outs flatter the frame perfectly. 

Call me crazy, but I’m trading my sweatpants for slip dresses this year.

This dress checks all of my boxes: it has a peek-a-boo cut-out in a bold color and luxe fabric. 

I moved to Miami and became a huge fan of mini-length dresses due to both how it looks and how hot it is here.

This is giving me major Prada vibes. 

I love how pretty this entire look is. 

This dress is the perfect hybrid of a cozy robe and incredibly chic dress. 

I will be living in this ensemble the entire month of January. 

When it comes to sweaters, I find that I am often retreating to basic essentials. 

I’ve been eyeing this ever since I saw it come down the runway.

Say hello to the ultimate winter-in-Miami sweater. 

The perfect apres-ski look. 

Marking this as outfit inspo in the New Year. 

Though I am not wearing chunky knit sweaters all of the time, there will always be room for a romantic knit cardigan like this one in my wardrobe. 

This is considered a sweater in Miami—trust me.

New Balance sneakers have become fashion‘s favorite sneaker this year, and I’m updating mine with a pastel baby blue. 

I’m literally wearing these as I type right now (not that I work in heels at-home, I just got my order and refuse to take them off!). 

I’ve been considering buying a clear sandal for a while now, and know that the more I think about a product, the more likely it is I end up buying it. 

I call this: Miami in a sandal. 

The brighter the pink, the better.

Aurora James has never designed a shoe I didn’t like.

Soft, padded accessories are having a major moment right now. 

A square-toe strappy sandal? Say no more. Up next, discover the 6 best shoes you should own if you live in basic jeans.