I’m a New Yorker Who Has Tried the Key New Trends—These 5 Are Worth It

Elaine Davis is an influencer who routinely shares an abundance of top-notch style inspiration. She lives in New York City, so she’s become quite the sartorial expert in crafting looks that are forward yet easy and comfortable enough to work for her life in the city.

Given her adoration for all things fashion, she continuously tests out a variety of items that could fit within her lifestyle. On that note, we thought it could be intriguing to learn about the new key trends she’s gravitating toward right now. “Although I’m not the trendiest person, a few trends that I refer to as ‘classic trends‘ come along each season and really grab my attention,” she said.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the spring and summer trends Davis thinks could be worth it this season.

“A good vest is such an amazing layering piece that can also be worn alone.” 

“Trench coats are everything. I live for a black trench or one with exaggerated shoulders. Combine both those elements and I’m in heaven.”

“Ballet flats are already one of my fave trends of 2021. I’ll definitely be swapping out my sneakers for them often. They’re so comfy and chic.”

“Give me all the statement sleeves, please.”

“I didn’t believe there could be a jacket that I loved more than an oversize blazer until I met the maxi jacket. It’s just so good on so many levels.”

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