I’m a Modest Dresser—Here’s What I’m Shopping (and Wearing) for 2022

As a modest dresser who’s also a fashion editor, I constantly am on the lookout for specific items while scanning my favorite details. Not only do I want items to be on-trend and versatile, but I also have to lookout for silhouettes that are easy to style modestly.

Every stand-out item I’ve been wearing non-stop so far.

Quilted jackets are all over the market, and I 100% believe the hype after purchasing this one. On the slightly chill days

I own these pants in three colors because they’re just that good. It’s hard to find comfortable “lounge” pants that also feel luxe and can be worn out, but this pair is the jackpot.

I’m usually not one for heels, but this 

Everything on my 2022 wishlist.

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