I’m a Makeup Novice, and These 6 Eye Shadow Trends Were Pretty Easy to Pull Off

If my makeup application skills matched my YouTube history, you’d think I was a smokey eye, cut crease queen, however, I am not. The sheer amount of time I have spent on that app watching eye shadow tutorials literally translates into nothing but I still hold out hope that one day my efforts will culminate in the perfectly smoldering smokey eye. Until that day arrives, I will continue to attend Youtube University during the day, and at night, lean into few makeup skills I already have to see what I can make of them. Turns out the makeup trends popping up lately are either super minimal or intentionally messy, both favorable to my shaky hands and freshman abilities. 

Keep scrolling to see what makeup looks I go for when I’m bored of my regular cat-eye liner and am looking to spice things up. Most of these looks require one to two products max and are very color by numbers—aka hard to mess up. I hope after seeing these simple eye looks, you’ll recognize you have more tricks in your makeup toolbox than you may have thought.

In the daytime, I love giving myself a monochromatic flush of color by doubling my blush as eye shadow. This gives you an understated look that still feels different than your day-to-day. Cream-based blush is my favorite product to use because of its ability to blend into the skin. Right now I’m into Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Eve, which gives a flush of deep berry that is perfect for the fall and winter. Simply add more blush for a dramatic evening look. 

All you need is a couple of dabs of this baby, so it’s more than worth the investment.

I love how you can swipe this on like a lip balm.

Every time I’ve seen someone try this blush, I’ve been in awe. It’s super pigmented and the colors are divine. Plus, it’s available in both matte and dewy finishes.

Pigmented and dewy, this little blush deserves to be taken on vacation. 

This is my go-to makeup look when my outfit just needs a little shaping (to the salon!). Do you also think in TikTok? Anyways, I love adding a pop of color to an outfit. The beauty of this look is you’ll only need one color per eye look—we’ll leave blending to the experts. I do have one trick, though. Be sure to add some color to your lower lash line to finish off the look. I usually go for a brown shadow, which doesn’t distract us from the pop of color.

I’m partial to creamy pencils for this look because I find they have longer staying power. This one from Sephora comes in 24 colors and in varying amounts of glitter or shimmer finishes.

Jewel tones abound. This palette supplies all the fall vibes in one. 

These colors will surely add dimension to your outfit. 

Grinch me.

Graphic eyeliner is probably the most popular eye makeup trend of 2021 and there’s no reason we novices cannot take part. I’m here to empower us with this simple look that took me literally 5 minutes to accomplish. After completing your signature wing, add a dot of black eyeliner at the apex of your top eyelid and do the same on your lower lid. Done. There are so many other possibilities with this trend so don’t be afraid to get experimental! If it’s a disaster, just wipe it off with a Q-tip and start over.

I now understand why mimes around the world draw circles or lines around the eyes—the dots function as a frame for the eye and look super cool when your eyes move around. It’s kind of trippy.

This would have been the perfect tool to accomplish my look. It’s double-sided with a waterproof liquid liner on one side and a pencil liner on the other.

This roll-on liner creates a uniform line.

This has “tattoo” in its name for a reason. It’s not going anywhere—trust me. 

This deep blue shade is stunning.

This look was definitely the wild card of the bunch for a number of reasons, but I absolutely love it as you can tell by my expression. Based on the fall 2021 fashion shows and Instagram, glitter, like sequins, will be everywhere before we know it. Just swipe on a thick coat of cream-based glitter onto your crease line and don’t worry about the rest. Turns out, the messier this looks the cooler it turns out. I love combining fancy and casual components to my look and plan on replicating this free-form glitter look in every shade.

To get this look, all I used was Nyx glitter and my finger. I found that it was better to use my right index finger to do my right eye and vice versa—this helps create an even line and allows you to get closer to the nose bridge without messing everything up. 

I can’t wait to get my fingers into that red.

This gunmetal black hue is stunning.

Chunky glitter like the ones in this palette will look beautiful for this look. This palette has almost perfect reviews at Ulta.

This color with a super dark kohl eyeliner along the lash line, period.

Use primer underneath the glitter to minimize fallout.

Come through, inner corner! It doesn’t get easier than this look right here. I’ve found that warmer colors tend to look best in the inner corner, so go for reds, oranges, and of course, metallics. Definitely use shimmery shadows for maximum effect. The shade used here is Dirty Talk from the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette.

This is my homeroom palette so to speak! I’ve learned so much by playing with all these warm, neutral tones. Although this was an impulse purchase after I saw Lori Harvey using it, I’m happy to report it was worth the coin.

Can one lust over an eye shadow palette?

All the metallics you’ll ever need.

Use these pearl-infused babies to highlight all the highest points of the face and then add a pop in the inner corner. You’ll be glowing.

Okay, maybe I was wrong—this is the easiest look to accomplish! I am definitely an eye gloss girl and will forever be an eye gloss girl because she is everything I would want in a companion—fun, reliable, and low-maintenance. After years of experimenting with different eye glosses, I can safely say I am an expert at this look so learn from me and do not use peppermint or other highly scented glosses on your lids! The ones linked below are safe and provide that glassy shine we are all seeking.

I’ve officially appointed this product to my royal cabinet. Get the original to avoid any complications.

Place a matte eye shadow underneath the gloss for a high-impact, minimal-effort look.

This is a gloss for eyes, lips, and cheeks that gives you a non-greasy but dewy look. I really want to try it.

These Nyx glosses have never let me down. I love how the shade comes through when you use them as an eye gloss.

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