I’m 55 and Known for My Radiant Glow—Here’s the Evening Routine I Live By

If you’ve been reading our beauty content for a while now on Who What Wear, you’re likely already familiar with one of our favorite Los Angeles–based lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers, Melissa Meyers (also known as The Glow Girl). Not only is Meyers practically a savant when it comes to navigating clean, nontoxic beauty, but she also loves to routinely share her best tips and tricks when it comes to aging. Refreshingly, Meyers is all about embracing the aging process and empowering women to be the best version of themselves—whether that’s taking the leap and experimenting with clean-beauty productsembracing self-tanners (instead of the sun), or just knowing the best and most effective makeup hacks. To follow along, we definitely recommend following her on Instagram at @melissameyers and keeping up with her frequent posts on The Glow Girl. (Click here for all of her dedicated Who What Wear beauty and fashion features!)

Since it’s that inevitable time of year when our skin is still (yes, still) adjusting to fall but wintertime is already imminent, we decided to ask Meyers for some insight. Just as her internet pseudonym would suggest, she’s known for a supernatural radiance that only seems to intensify as years go by. Below, she’s diving into the evening skincare routine she lives by, sharing the clean formulas she trusts to nurture her skin during tricky seasonal transitions. Keep scrolling! 

“My nightly routine takes about 20 minutes, and I’ve found that cleansing has been one of the most important parts of my good-skin maintenance. I like to switch off with my cleansers so that my skin can benefit from a variety of ingredients.”

For the first step in her nighttime ritual, Meyers opts for Beautycounter’s nontoxic, cleansing makeup-remover wipes, which she says really do what they say they will—efficiently erasing a day’s worth of makeup without lots of rubbing and tugging.  “They are super soft, they smell great, and they can effortlessly remove my waterproof mascara.”

“I use this product as part of my double-cleansing practice. It adds extra moisture to my dry skin, which is essential as we transition from fall into the cooler winter months.”

“I love using this cream cleanser—it’s great for sensitive skin, and it’s a cult favorite within the clean-beauty circle. It’s gentle and easily removes makeup while replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier. Plus, it comes with a dual-sided muslin cloth, which results in a deeper clean.”

For those who like or prefer a gel cleanser, Meyers recommends this one that keeps her dry skin topped up with dewy hydration. It has a light strawberry scent, it’s multitasking (you can also use it to remove your makeup!), and she gives it major props for its brightening, moisturizing, and firming perks to boot. 

“This is of my favorite clean-beauty exfoliators, and I like to use it a couple of nights a week. It removes buildup without stripping my skin and leaves it smooth and soft. The texture is amazing, and the tropical scent makes me feel like I’m on a beach vacation, which is especially nice for the winter months. It’s also formulated with probiotics and superfoods like sugar, pineapple, and papaya.”

“Goop’s newest moisturizer is a super cream! Since it’s extra rich, I use this as part of my nighttime routine to deliver additional moisture while I sleep. It’s plant based and works to smooth, firm, and even out my skin tone. Love!”

Goop’s new face cream launched alongside this equally amazing eye cream. Meyers tells us that it has become a new favorite thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients (like caffeine!), which have noticeably helped soften her lines while also making her look more rejuvenated and well rested. 

“Once a week, in place of my nightly eye cream, I use these medical-grade silicone patches to deliver extra hydration and firm my under-eye area and crow’s-feet. I sleep in these, and when I remove them in the morning, I see results—tighter, smoother skin!”

“This vitamin C serum has the luxurious feel of a face oil and one of the best scents I’ve ever experienced in a beauty product. The blend of anti-aging herbs and natural vitamin C makes my skin feel extra hydrated while working to diminish those pesky dark spots and even out my complexion. I slather it on every night!”

Meyers loves to use this pretty rose quartz facial roller in conjunction with her vitamin C serum. Not only does the massaging action of the tool stimulate lymphatic drainage while reducing puffiness and wrinkles, but it also helps press ingredients further into the skin for more potent penetration and, thus, more gratifying results. 

As we’ve shifted from summer to fall and (soonish) from fall to winter, Meyers says she relies on this luxurious body butter to moisturize hard-to-satisfy spots like her elbows, knees, and any other stubborn dry patches. Plus, she notes that the spa-like scent of lavender and eucalyptus is the perfect antidote at the end of a stressful day. 

“This replenishing balm is made in Italy from medicinal botanicals, and I love to use it when my skin is feeling extremely dry, which, for me, is often. It’s the perfect product to use as part of your winter regimen because the super-rich texture effectively hydrates even the driest of skin and leaves it incredibly glowy. It literally brings my stressed skin back to life by morning!”

According to Meyers, this overnight lip conditioner feels like velvet on top of your lips—a must, especially this time of year when the air tends to get colder and drier. 

“I’ve been using this serum daily at night for the past few months, and it has dramatically improved the condition and appearance of my brows. Even my daughter noticed how thick my brows looked and asked what I was using lately to get them so bushy! I mentioned that it was probably the combination of this serum and my fave Hush & Hush DeeplyRooted Supplements ($75). (I take two of these at night and two in the morning.)”

“These delish gummies are made by one of my favorite CBD companies and are a natural way to help induce a restful night. I’ve been using these (and several other products from the brand) quite a bit lately because they work so well when I need a little extra help falling asleep!”

“This sleep spray is the final step in my nighttime routine. Its signature blend of lavender, vetiver, and chamomile helps to reduce any leftover anxiety from the day, and the amazing scent lulls me into a deep sleep. I’m convinced a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.” Up next, 18 Youth-Enhancing Supplements a Beauty Blogger Swears By to Feel Young and Energetic