I’m 5’4″ and Hate Uncomfortable Shoes—This Is the Sandal Trend I’m Buying First

I don’t think that anyone likes uncomfortable shoes, but I was once more tolerant of them. I’ve worked from home for almost six years and it may sound crazy, but my feet were tougher when I wore real shoes every day. I usually wear slippers to work from home and the calluses that provided armor against my shoes are long gone. So when I do wear slightly uncomfortable shoes these days, I have blisters within minutes. (When the world starts opening back up and we start wearing real shoes more often, I advise you to proceed with caution.) On another note, I’m also on the short side, which is fine, but sometimes flats just don’t cut it for me. But good news: There’s a spring shoe trend that addresses all of this.

As you know, flip-flops both flat and heeled have been trendy for a few seasons now, but the flip-flop trend that’s poised to take center stage this season is of the flatform variety, and it’s the most comfortable one yet. The flatform sole is easy to walk in (and even squishy on many pairs) and they add a bit of height. I haven’t ordered myself a pair yet but I think it’s my duty to after writing this story. I’ve narrowed it down to the Staud or Jacquemus pair. Keep scrolling to choose your favorite and see how the trend is being styled on the streets and the runway.

This outfit is such a vibe.

Flatform flip-flops are a refreshing change from strappy sandals.

This simplest, chicest spring outfit you could wish for.

Fashion people love these The Row flip-flops. Shop them for yourself below.

Found: the perfect transitional outfit (and shoes).

This outfit is really making me wish for warm weather and new shoes.

If you want to wear a suit in warm weather, wear it with this shoe trend.

I can’t get over how comfortable these look.

I predict the fashion crowd will start wearing these any day now.

The shoes that started the trend.

Could these be the next “It” Birkenstocks? Seems likely.

My jaw dropped the first time I saw these squishy platforms.

They come in black too and given the price, you might as well buy them both.

Can you see why these keep selling out?

The dream.

The braided strap is such a cool touch.

This minimal pair with its cushioned footbed had me at hello.

For pool days to come.

I found this sporty style hiding at Nordstrom.

So many sandal trends in one.

I have a hunch you could walk for miles in these.

The square toe makes these so modern and cool.

I promise you’ll wear this casual pair a ton.

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